Michael J. Sielaff

Actor ~ Writer ~ Freelance Dancer

Wood you hike the projects I pine over?

 *Performs and teaches improv regularly at Second City Hollywood, Comedy Sportz, and Rogue Improv (follow his duo improv team WASP on FB)!
*Just filmed a Co-Star on HBO's Perry Mason and was asked back on The Orville (Hulu)
*Danced his butt off in a Pepsi commercial
*Co-Starred as a momma's boy on The Rookie (ABC)
*Produces/Hosts the monthly artivism variety CLOW (class + show) WE GOT ISSUES
     Michael J. Sielaff would have preferred growing up in the late 19th Century, but his parents decided to be born in the middle of the 20th, so he's stuck in the early 21st Century until he watches Back To The Future enough to understand how to make time travel possible.  Meanwhile, he spends his days as an actor, writer, and teacher in Los Angeles.  

     Michael J. is a tad too proud of his hometown of Fridley, Minnesota (Ward 3, Precinct 2) and annoyingly brings it up in conversations lasting longer than 7 minutes. He attended Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN) where he majored in Religious Studies, minored in Theatre, and amateured in filmmaking (check out The NC).  At Gustavus, he co-hosted the talk radio show Yoshi and Mike's Super Fantastic Happy Hour, was an active member of the social justice theatre troupe I Am We Are, co-created the immigration documentary The Changing Face Of America, studied abroad in India and performed in seven theatrical productions and 15 shows with I Am We Are.                                             

     After graduating from Gustavus in 2008 with a 9.4 GPA, Michael worked for CLIMB Theatre as an Actor-Educator.  At CLIMB, he had the privilege of performing skits and leading discussions for K-12 students on topics like bullying, respect, and higher education.  This experience reiterated what social justice theatre had taught him: acting has the unique ability to impact lives by showing a story instead of simply telling one. "Huh," Michael thought, "What if I pursued storytelling that reached a larger, more diverse audience...wait a minute, what's that smell- did I leave the stove on again?"  The stove was on, but more importantly, his drive to positively influence an industry was too (cue John Williams music).  So, in the fall of 2009, Michael gave in to his vendetta against a narcissistic Hollywood and headed out West to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.  

     Since moving to Los Angeles, Michael has acted in over 100 film, television, commercial, theatrical, adult (just making sure you're paying attention...meaning it's a joke, Mom), industrial, and internet productions.  Notable appearances include roles like a music therapy dancer on New Girl (FOX), a rental car repo man in Workaholics (Comedy Central), and a LARPer in Maron (IFC); modeling items on an April Fool's episode of the "Price Is 

Right;" and playing a Zombie (MTV), Pizza Delivery Guy (DiGiorno's), and dance machine (Cars.com) in national TV commercials.  Michael also performs improv regularly with Soda Jerk at iO West and with his two-man team Slim Shady (check out his Facebook page for show updates). 

     Wait a minute- all this jabbering about acting, but didn't you say he writes too?  Sure did.  Go to Writings to find out more.  Most recently, he has showcased some of his material at the pinnacle of all comedy venues: Open Mic nights.    

     Thank you for taking the time to check out the Official Site of Michael J. Sielaff.  It's definitely a stock template from webs.com, but it kinda fits Sielaff's cartoony personality, right?  Please contact me-I mean, US with any questions, comments, pranks, or high fives!    

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